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Mother Nature offer waves for surfing and winds to kitesurf and windsurf. Environmental impact of our sports. We, from MALLORCA KITEBLOG, as kitesurfers, windsurfers and surfers, we should give back a bit by our side too, isn’t it?
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There are many small changes
There are many small changes that we can do in our behaviour to become more ecological.

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The first step is to become aware of when and how the practice of our sport has an impact on increasing use of oil, and, as a result, increasing the carbon content on the atmosphere and seeing what we are proactively trying to reduce.
How to lessen the impact of kiteboarding, windsurfing or surfing on our planet? Think about how, when and why we cause environmental damage.


Environmental impact of our sports

By understanding the interaction between ourselves and the environment and what we can do to minimize the negative effects of our sport, kiting, windsurfing and surfing.
Environmental impact. The carbon footprint on the environment is understanding the process of greenhouse gases as a result of producing a product from birth to disposal

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The life of a kite, sail or board

Kitesurfing – Windsurfing – Surfing are sports that make use of equipment directly derived of oil, petrol and its derivative products.

1.- Extraction of the oil drilled from the soil used to produce kites, sails and boards.
2.- Convert processing to plastic and other petroleum derivatives
3.- Energy required for the production of the chemical components of plastics, fibers, foams, polyesters and nylon
4.- Increased concentration of carbon in the atmosphere in the transport processed chemicals and finished products at various stages
5.- Repair and maintenance during his lifetime of a kite or kite board, if damaged must be repaired. A new additional effect on carbon
6.- Broken a board, sail or kite means that another one has to be produced

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What can we do from our side

1.- Buy a board, a sail or a kite that is tough. Something that will last and not break so easily. The weaker they are, there is a greater chance of being broken soon.
2.- If a board, sail or kite is damaged, repair it as soon as possible so that you can avoid further damage.
3.- Buy second hand boards, sails and kites. For every board, sail or kite that can still be used, less has to be produced.
4.- Use your board, sail and kite until they are completely useless. I buy Flysurfer products, with difference, the stronger built and longer lasting of the market.
5.- Try going kitesurfing or surfing cycling instead of driving if possible.

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Further consequences of environmental abuse
Rising sea levels are the result of global warming and the processing of petroleum products and burning is needed to move the world. That threatens our way of life and our lives.

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About one third of the world’s population lives in coastal areas, which are particularly prone to rising sea levels.

5 beware your waste conscience yourself and act wisely

Risks for all states and coastal cities are: erosion, coastal destruction and rising sea levels.
Coastal storms would come because of the ecological imbalance consequence of sea level rise.
Strong winds would increase the water level of the oceans and seas could continue to reach inland, with potentially catastrophic damage to homes and public infrastructures.
Constant flooding. Many coastal areas, gradually, will be dipped forever because of rising sea levels.

Sea levels could rise nearly twice as much as previously predicted

A rise of two meters above the current sea level would put most goods and global structures in danger of flooding. Salt water could reach further than if we are the groundwater sources coastal freshwater.

Sea levels would rise, increasing salt content of fresh water used for drinking and agriculture. Our survival will be seriously affected.
To reduce the impact on the carbon surplus in the atmosphere is easy, but brings us all, industries and shapers, surfers, windsurfers and kitesurfers, within our means to make a positive change in the environment.

What are the health effects of exposure to petroleum products


7 Use your sport equipment wisely and think about out environment

If we all work together, we can reduce the impact of carbon in the atmosphere and be a role model for other sports.