Flysurfer foils – Bridles and connections

At first sight it may seem not too important, but not, this are very important details. Flysurfer kite foils connections and all bridles, especially the yellow bridles which pass inside the pulleys with the use they suffer a wear.

Bridles and connections

As some of you already may know, that wear in the yellow bridles, which sometimes it is even noticeable optically, provoques as well a shrinking of some centimeters.  As this yellow bridles shrinks, this reduction in its length, propitiates two facts:

1.-  We can adjust the trimmer, or possibility of realignment of the four knots on the Speed 3 model, or the three knots on the Speed 4 model, on the 8 and 10 meters sizes, which will make the kite fly again the most stable as possible and the kite will again offer us its best performance, or …
2.-  We should change the yellow bridles if they really look in poor condition, before breakage or failure, which will send us direct to lack of control and possible accident.

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And back to the beginning, to proceed with the change of the yellow bridles you have to undo the connection between them and this is, basically, the subject of this post.

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We must carefully see how they are connected, even, if posible, take a photo with our Smart phone of camera because… what you really don’t want – believe me – is to connect them in the fake illusion that we have done it well. More than anything, because if we do them wrongly, those connections will slide off, they will simply fail, and then the big fright it is just around the corner.

mallorca kitesurfen alcudia beach yellow trimming of flysurfer speed 3

And regarding the trimmer, one last detail. Once we have set the precise distance between knots we have to make sure to pull strong from both sides of the grey bridle again, to confirm that the distance between them it is the desired.

And regarding the trimmer, one last detail check all well

Also, consider that in the older Flysurfer kite models you’ll have to deal with the metal connections, which can be also a little tricky.

well trimmed though can be also a little tricky.

In case of doubt, prior to this change, take as reference the same connection in the other side of the kite, which we have not yet manipulate. Check well the pics over this lines and get familiar with the proper way to connect them

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