How to learn kitesurfing?

How to learn kitesurfing?. Learning something new, basically means: somebody is explaining us something, we are understanding, memorizing and, in the case of kitesurfing, a good part of our success may need also some share of dexterity.

Our ability to understand and memorize is always a challenge, but in some way, it is inherent to everyone. Dexterity not.
Friendliness, as dexterity are qualities that you have or you don’t.
I can beg you: Be friendly! You hear me, you try, you fake it; but that doesn’t work likewise when I ask you to have dexterity.

For some, to learn kitesurfing it is as easy as threading a needle

 can you thread a needle kitesurfing then is easy for you

For some people … it is not easy to thread a needle. How much difficult will be to learn kitesurfing?
Let us see in detail how that does it works and let’s learn from it.

To the difficulties that may bring learning kitesurfing being not a skilled person, add to the equation the wrong wind conditions, the wrong choice of your kite spot, the wrong kite equipment for learning and the wrong teaching method. Each of them, individually or two of them, or all together, it doesn’t mean much … and, there you have it, the ideal set of reasons for frustration and disappointment rather than for learning kitesurfing efficiently.

Depending on how your levels of concentration and memorization, you could make earlier progress in learning kitesurfing. Therefore, dexterity is not necessarily a must, although, obviously,  it can be helpful.


How to learn kitesurfing?

The following lines should be a reflection or similar to what happens in our brain when your kite monitor ask you to send your commands to your kite via the kite bar.

Your normal reaction is: I shall look up at the kite and what happens there will tell me how to react, because you beleive your eyes will show you the way, beleiving that if you don’t look at your kite you cannot react to whatever will happen, and also because in some part you are looking to the kite moved by instinct and mere curiosity.

However, this is not working like that. Putting your eyes on the kite and keeping them there for longer that half second means you are going to freeze and because of it you won’t be able to proceed to the immediate and precise movement you need to do on the kite bar.

3 right or left kitesurfing school in Pollensa

Our thoughts act as electrical impulses, they appear various thoughts almost simultaneously. They run parallel, nudging each other and fighting to get to the brain first and get their reward. Recognition!

How is this going to work with me?

You are not an skilled guy, perhaps, even a bit clumsy, ok, however, to learn kitesurfing it is yet quite possible … Let’s see about it more in detail.


The absence -or lack- of dexterity can be replaced by other qualities such as analysis, and deep comprehension of how things work, therefore, by getting focused and by memorizing without distractions we will be able to achieve the same results of a dexter person and this occurs thanks to the masterization of the procedure.

In our case, in the learning of kitesurfing, the following happens:

If we put our eyes up there on the kite, our brains will not be able to take the really important decision:

What’s next? … What do I have to do? … actually, what should I had to be doing right now? …
Ops! … too late! … mmm … It’s just too late now …

No, the solution, the answer to our question is not definitely to be found by into looking at the kite, up in the sky.

The answer to our question lies in our memory. Do not look. Do not let anything distract you.

looking at the kite is not the solution - memory and dexterity

Ask yourself. What’s next? Find the answer in your memory. Visualize it. One more time, then be sure and next… do it!     Visualize, remember and … do it!      Without distractions … precisely and efficiently!


The kite student

Patrick is a swiss young man which asked us to learn how to kitesurf and therefore he decided to get his kitesurfing membership in our kite club ASOCIACION APRENDE A NAVEGAR .

Patrick was absolutely committed to learn kitesurfing in 3 days.  In the following photos we will see his first waterstart and the subsequent kite rides.

Patrick has understood the handling of the kite through the theory lessons and through the detailed steps of his first kite practices and as a result of it he has succeeded in managing several happy kite rides.


Here are the different steps
to control your kite

1.- We have to keep the kite bar and the kite aligned in the same plane
2.- We have to pull the kite bar towards our body with both hands at the same time
3.- We have to keep pulling yet a bit longer only with the upper hand on the bar
4.- The kite will pivot around and start moving towards the other side of the window
5.- When the kite is in front of us, we push the kite bar forward with both hands
6.- We wait until the kite crosses the wind window until two o’clock
7.- We have to repeat all the procedure in the opposite direction -towards the left-


5 Patrick kite course in Mallorca in July
6 once again waterstarting mallorca kiteschool
7 flysurfer kite school lessons in Pollensa and Alcudia
8 kitesurfing mallorca sa marina kite lessons with mallorca kiteschool and patrick
9 in front of the camera I have learnt kitesurfing
10 riding kiteboarding in both ways
11 kitesurfing lessons Patrick in mallorca wind in Pollensa
12 best kiteschool mallorca con Patrick learn with us

To learn kitesurfing is not difficult.

The combination of all the exposed on the lines above is a clear explanation of how we can succeed.

We are looking forward your visite to our kite school and if you want to learn this fantastic sport or you want to improve your level of knowledge and practice, just contact us.



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