Kitesurfing injuries

If we practide kitesurfing somehow we subject our body to efforts that can lead to injuries. The most common kitesurfing injuries are described below this lines.

The practice of sports will subject our body to an obvious physical strain. In kitesurfing, as in the practice of every other sport we have to learn through a proffesional kite school, be always careful and know our limits.

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Likewise, it is important to do some warm up and stretching before to start practicing. The following is a description of the most common ways to get damaged.

When kitesurfing we may get hurted caused by loss of control of the kite, because we have poor technique, also because of handling mistakes, because the equipment we are about to use is in poor condition and may fail leading us to an accident, and in the last place, especially when we practice in strong winds.

The most frequent injuries when practicing kitesurfing are abrasions, tears and bruises.
More serious damage, as ankle or knee sprains or bad twists, may happen, most usually when the kiter loses control of his kiteboard or if the kiter has a bad landing after a jump.


Lower extremities

Here is a list of the most common injuries
caused by kitesurfing. The per cent of a whole
if regarding all sort of injuries is 40% of times.

Ankle sprain
Ligament distention
Fractures (Lisfranc joint)

ankle injuries avoid it learning kitesurfing with mallorca kiteschool com

Bone bruises and wounds
Patellar Chondropathy (knee)
Fracture of the anterior cruciate ligament

knee and ankle injuries mallorca kiteschool in April best kite school of Mallorca. jpg



Upper extremities

(18% injury)

Shoulder sprain.
Epicondylitis (tennis elbow)

wrist arm joints mallorca kiteschool avoid kitesurfing injuries

Bone bruises and wounds
Displacement of the thumb

EPICONDILITIS/Mallorca kitekurse info



Trunk and head

(16% and 18%)

Contractures (dorsal width or chest)
Sternocostal osteochondritis

5-shoulder injury-kitesurfing-mallorca-in-April-edmk pollensa-com-kite blog

Cervical whip
Bone bruises and wounds
Low back pain

6 neck and back injuries kitesurfing mallorca in May. jpg

On a smaller scale, discomfort caused by prolonged postures over time lead also to muscle overload.

But yet, the most common injuries are cervical overexertion as a consequence to constantly look up at the kite.

Lumbar vertebrae due to poor harness quality or to it’s wrong harness attachment, and shoulder displacement caused by constant sudden movements while practicing.

Preheating and stretching as we mentioned above, is very important, same as avoiding over-exertion and not crossing the limits of your knowledge or physical condition.  All of this can save you from most of these injuries.

As a precaution, it is a good idea to have a daily cup of horsetail infusion.

8 Horsetail Infusion avoid injuries kitesurfing mallorca in April

Due to its high content of organic silica, it helps to fix calcium so that the body can store more of this mineral and therefore repair bones, collagen and other body tissues.

Here is some real bad crash … not for the faint of heart

kitesurfing accidents avoid them by best kite instruction in Mallorca

Although a horsetail infusion can not do much, if you had one of those bad crashes.


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