The best kitesurfing courses

Important things you should know about kitesurfing:
Finally you took the decission and you are looking for a kiteschool. Which are the best kitesurfing courses?
Learning our sport, kitesurfing,  may present some difficulties. Without being extremely dangerous, there are evident risks which should be avoided by all means and at all time.

The different approach to the sport and the tuition that we will receive during our learning will necessarily determine our success or our failure in our goal, become a kiter.


Which are the most important facts
when learning kitesurfing?

In essence, all can be reduced to four points, which means: If this four points are not taken into account, learning kitesurfing may become an impossible task:

1.- the sea and wind conditions in which we take our lessons
2.- the place where these lessons are given
3.- the kite equipment with which we will have our practices
4.- the learning method which we will receive

This four points are easy to understand, though perhaps not so obvious at first glance. What we will learn, when we will learn and how we will learn it will set the ground for safety and success, or else, for frustration and failure.


How to choose the best kite school?

This question has not a simple answer, neither because it can not be explained in few words, nor because this answer it’s mainly based on honesty, and unfortunately, not all people in the kite business is willing to give an honest answer to this question.

Relegate your decision to choose your kiteschool by the opinions you can read on Internet, it is not actually a good idea.  Take, by instance, TripAdvisor, a webpage which usually occupies the first positions in all search engines when it comes to the recommended way of looking for … almost anything, does not seem to be the definitive solution by which you should choose your kitesurfing course.

To choose a hotel room is not the same as to choose a kitesurfing school. The first one will provide you with more or less success in your search of feeling comfortable. Perhaps you even saw a cockroach in the bathroom of your room during your tropical holidays and this will upset you greatly.

The second, to chose your kiteschool, in the worst case may eventually prepare you poorly for the real kitesurfing world which “awaits” out there, becoming the possible cause of an accident for not being well prepared or for your kiteschool ignoring situations of excess of wind -as I have sadly witness in countless occasions on many kiteschool’s poor teaching methods-

Sure!  It may nothing occur during your kite lesson but perhaps later, anytime. Out of poor technique and poor skills plus the wrong choice of your kitespot, the bad wind and weather conditions and of course some bad luck and there you have, the perfect ground for disaster, to say the less.  No. To chose your kiteschool is something much more serious than choosing a hotel room.


Beleive or check by yourself?

Reviews on TripAdvisor depend on opinions, and opinions are just that, opinions.  Having a bunch of friends and acquaintances who will do you a favor and write excellent reviews about your company will solve your problems with positioning in the first places of the search engines, but that necessarily doesn’t probe anything. This, in fact only probes that someone is doing well by getting promoted.

On the contrary, it only takes three or four people to destroy you – and eliminate you from the competition – as write something negative about your services, will bring your popularity to the ground and therefore your reputation.

Which should be then the way to make the right choice? How to choose your kitesurfing school and not die in the effort?   Word of mouth, propaganda, could be a way to help you decide, but once again we would rely on opinions and that is very subjective.

The only plausible way: You should opt for a personal search for information. Directly on the beach, where the kitesurfing lessons are taught. After all, opinions are just opinions. Why not go to the facts yourself?

shall I stay or shall I go


Shall I stay or shall I go?

If it is the case that you want to learn kitesurfing where you live, you should go to the beach, observe unobtrusively how things happen around the different kite schools on your area, watch first and then, draw conclusions.

Secondly, you should go for the personal approach, talk to them, each of the schools. Ask them to explain you how they do their lessons, see their students and monitors in action, what kind of equipment they use during their practices, etc.


Google it, Bing it and Yahoo it
…but do it thoroughly!

If the case is that you want to learn far from your place of residence, say, by using your vacation time, things get a bit more complicated, but not necessarily impossible.

In addition to opinions on the web that may be more or less, or not distorted at all, you should check all websites which you can find on the search engines: Google, Yahoo and Bing.

You should read about every kiteschool method and other information which they provide on their websites, and do that not only on the first page of the search engine but also on the second page of each search engine results.  Just as in life, not everything that glitters is necessarily gold.

search well on google for your kiteschool in Mallorca

For that reason, reading the various websites of different schools will give you an accurate idea of who is who, what they do and how they do it and that would surely bring you to the right conclusion. You will save a lot of money and trouble and ultimately you’ll make the right choice.


Search and if you find better … buy it

In the following links, we include several blog reports of some of our kite students completing their kite lessons by standing up on their kiteboards and start riding. In any case, the progress and success of our kite students it’s evident.

As mentioned earlier at the beginning of this blog post, the four points on which any kite course should be based are of capital importance, and next, the search for your kite school based on facts, rather than just in opinions, should lead you to learn kitesurfing in the best school with the safest and the most efficient method.


The best kitesurfing courses

The wind and water conditions in one given kitespot are the same for all kite schools working in that area. The right choice of the equipment with which you will learn and the best teaching method, no question about it, will make the difference.

Trust your senses … and see on the many photos in the different reports of our webpage and on the links below and don’t miss the chance of taking advantage of the best and most productive kitesurfing lessons in Mallorca. We are waiting for you!


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