Best kite lessons in Mallorca

In this blog entry we will see how the first three hours of our kite lessons take place and which its goals are. In the next pictures, we will see some of our kite students during their practices. Are we the best kiteschool in Mallorca? This, at least, is our goal, to offer the best and most complete kite lessons on the island.

Best kite lessons in Mallorca

1.- Will offer its kite lessons in the most adequate wind and sea conditions

2.- Its practices and lessons will be in shallow water where nobody can be disturbed by our kite as well as we will not be disturbed by other beach users, swimmers or other kiters

3.- Our lessons will be with the best kite equipment to help your apprenticeship

4.- The kite lessons are the most efficient thanks to our innovative method of tuition in which you comprehend in perfection how a kite works and how to handle it correctly.



The first step of our kite course is to explain in detail how the kite reacts under the influence of the wind. We examine the transfer of our orders until the kite through the kite bar.

2 kitesurfing mallorca com kite lessons in Alcudia

The main part of the first exercise of our kite course is to hold the kite bar and the kite on the same plane in the wind window.

To do this, we need to change the tension from one line to the other by pulling with one hand while we are releasing the tension on the other line

3 your kite monitor supervise your progression kitesurfing mallorca com

After training with a 2 kite line -trainer-, we pass to a kite of 4 lines and we need to understand the aerodynamics of the different angles that the wind will cause on the kite profile

4 steering your kite learn kitesurfing in July in Pollensa mallorca kiteschool com

Once the kite and the kite bar are held in the same plane, we should find the power of the drag of the kite when we pull the bar towards our body



You must always place the kite bar parallel to the kite position.
You must carefully pull the kite bar with both hands about 20 cms towards your body

Once done that, you need to keep pulling with the hand on the back side of the kite bar and then the kite will be travelling towards the other side of the wind window

When the kite passes through the center of the wind window, we must carefully pull the kite bar forward with both hands.

As the same time of the kite moves to the other side of the wind window we must follow this movement with the kite bar in parallel positionwhiles the kite passes to the other end of the wind window.

When the kite arrives to the other side of the wind window, we should repeat the process towards the other side of the wind window


Detailed steps about steering our kite

1.- Communication – the kite receives your commands efficiently –
2.- Power – we find where is the power as we steer the kite –

3.-Transfer -We send the right amount of power from the kite to the kiteboard-
4.- First water start – we stand on the kiteboard and ride the first meters-
5.- Travel progression – we kitesurfing in both directions –