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Welcome to Mallorca kiteschool. Within the next lines we will explain you how our kite courses take place. The basis of your learning must be learn thoroughly, they will mark your progression, they are the key of success.

The first part of your learning includes a brief but important theory part to facilitate the detailed understanding of the efficient use of a kite.  Once the technical explanations conclude -aproximately 15 minutes- our practices/lessons takes place in the water.


Where lies the efficiency
of a good kitesurfing course

In our sport, memory and concentration are more important than muscle. You do not need exceptional strength or be an athlete. It is enough to have a normal physical condition and especially to be mentally calm and relaxed.
Our courses are suitable for anyone from 7 years of age, regardless of sex, place of residence or nationality.

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From the beginning of your kite lessons you will see the progression in your learning can happen really fast. For our practices we use a special type of kites which fly even in minimum wind conditions and greatly facilitate your progression, eliminating in turn any possibility of accident.



Our kite lessons

Through our kite lessons we will achieve progressively greater control of the kite at the same time as we go through kites of different size and level of difficulty.  In the next step of our progression will begin the bodydrag practices, positioning on the kiteboard and technique of waterstart.

On the last step of our kite lessons we get up on the board and start our kitesurfing rides. We receive monitored practice of every detail learned until we are able to start kitesurfing.

mallorca kiteschool kite lessons Pollensa in April

During your kitesurfing course you will receive constant monitorization, rehearsing every learned detail until you are finally able to kitesurf in both directions with ease.
This process can take between one and three days of duration.


Topics of our lessons

1 .- Know how to choose our kitespot and wind/water conditions.
2 .- Learn preparing the kite and connecting kite and bar lines.
3 .- Check everything twice before launching your kite.
4 .- Launch the kite correctly and walk towards the water.
5 .- Control the kite to cross the shorebreak.
6 .- Position correctly on the board controlling the kite.
7 .- Proceed to waterstart and ride in both directions.

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An image is more explicit than hundred words. Check by yourself through all photos on our website as well as the different blog entries in several languages and enjoy the multiple advantages of booking a kite course with and Asociación Aprende a Navegar.

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