Kitesurfing is a sport that can pose big risks.  How to chose your kite school it is a must, specially for those who want to learn by themselves or through a kitesurfer friend which, most surely, will not follow some strict safety rules and regulations on their learning process

In order to do the right choice of your kiteschool,  please, read carefully all the information under.

A nautic school in Spain must be officially authorized to impart courses of any water sports, including kitesurfing.

The first step in the election of your kite school is to chose a legally registered school, with all necessary qualifications, certifications and authorizations.

Kitesurfing instructors must be qualified – according to spanish law – and in possession of the only valid certification in our country, this qualification it is officially granted only by the Royal Spanish Sailing Federation regulated by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports.

In the process to become a certified kitesurfing instructor, the candidates must achieve the required levels of knowledge on the following matters:


1 … Course of Legislation of Sport under Spanish laws.

2 … Course of meteorology.

3 … Course on specific knowledge of physiology in the practice of kitesurfing.

4 … First aid course.

5 … Course of kitesurfing technique, knowledge about all equipments and methods of use.

6 … Course of technique on how to become a competent kitesurfing teacher

7 … Course on special techniques for the preparation of  future kitesurfer athletes aimed to competition.

8 … Course to obtain the license of motor yachts.

9 … Courses on specific topics for the modalities of windsurfing, cruiser sailing and kitesurfing.

Once all tests in the different specializations are succesfully overcomed, the future kitesurfing instructor must comply a practical period of teaching of 150 hours, under the supervision of an officially registered kitesurfing school and under the guidance of an official kitesurfing monitor.

Only then the new kitesurfing monitor receive his qualification which enables him as an official recognized  kitesurfing monitor, to prepare athletes for competition.  This qualification also allow the new created professional to teach kitesurfing and/or to register his own kite school if that he wishes.

In Spain, other international kitesurfing teaching qualifications as IKO, PASA or german  VDWS, are not considered valid, as in our country don’t exists legal convalidations of this qualifications because their own private standars

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The registration of a kitesurfing school in Spanish territory depends on the laws of the Govern of each different Autonomous Community.

In the Autonomous Region of Balearic Islands, where the island of Mallorca belongs, this registration process must take place in the offices of Ports and Aeroports, from the General Directorate for Air and Sea Transportation.

To register an official kitesurfing school in Spain , is a precise and laborious task in which the school requests to the autorithies to make use of a public space, such as beaches and sea coast, in order to offer a regulated activity.

This legal procedure involves the compulsory authorizations of:

1 … Demarcación de Costas -Coast authorities Board-

2 … Capitanía Maritima -Marine authorities Board-

3 … Municipality in where the legalized future kite school will be situated

4 … Authorization by the Ministry of Environment, confirmed by the European Community Board Natura 2000

5 … Authorization by the Director of Nature Park of S’Albufereta

6 … Authorization by the Directory of Environmental Affairs and Biodiversity of the Balearic Govern
The only authorized area for teaching kitesurfing on the island of Mallorca is the Nature Park of S’Albufereta, on the eastern part of Pollensa Bay


RFEV/Reglamento de formación de Instructores Ordenación general de las enseñanzas deportivas de régimen especial

Reglamento de las Escuelas Deportivas Náuticas.



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