Kitesurfing after 6 hours kite lessons

It is difficult to say exactly how long it will take you to start kitesurfing starting at 0. In our case, Vicente was kitesurfing only a 6-hour kite lessons.

One of our last kite students, Vicente at the end of his 6th hour of practices was already starting his first kite rides

Vicente is 21 years of age and he was brought to our kite club ASOCIACION APRENDE A NAVEGAR by his father because Vicente had a successful year at his first course of mechanic school in Manacor, his city of residence.

1 Vicente kitesurfing course of 6 hours in Mallorca in August

Vicente has always shown great interest in motorcycles, but his family, considering that a motorcycle can be dangerous have decided to try to interest him in our sport with the hope that he will discover the excitement and adrenaline that the motorcycle gives him in the navigation with the kitesurf.

2 wind in Pollensa bay 12 knots northeast Vicente kite course in Mallorca in August

Undoubtedly, the risks of falling on water are far less than falling on the asphalt.
After a successful waterstar he rides towards the left side of the wind window, then he comes back, while his younger  brother watch him from the shore.

3 kitespot Mallorca Pollensa Bay Alcudia municipality Vicente from Manacor in August

Tomeu is just waiting to see the progression of Vicente and if he sees that Vicente enjoys his learning and kitesurfing practices, he will also join our kite course.

Vicente in only 6 hours managed to ride in total control and for what it seemed, he was having a great time on his ride towards the right side of the wind window.

4 Vicente and Tomeu kitesurfing lessons in August by Pollensa Bay Mallorca

After some 200 meters he turns and try his kite ride again towards the left with a kiteboard Flysurfer 170×50

The kite that our new friend Vicente was using was a Flysurfer Pulse 2 of 14 sq meters which in the light but consistent breezes of Pollensa Bay did the job.

5 end of the kite lessons kite course 6 hours in Mallorca August 2017

Now, with our goal achieved: Interest Vicente in kitesurfing and show him how much fun can be to ride over the kiteboard at good speed on the water and without any risk, it is time to let him keep practicing by himself

Congratulations Vicente! See you soon.

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