If you are a kitesurfer, if you have enjoyed the great kitesurfing conditions of Mallorca island.

Perhaps by joining this two words Kitesurfing and Mallorca, we should add one more word.: the verb Moving on.

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According to Sunday newspaper of the prestigious newspaper “The Times”, Palma is the city where you will enjoy the best living style and quality  from all over the world.

Next, I will tell you what are the reasons why you are in the top 1. I also want that before making such an important decision you know what are the disadvantages of living in Mallorca.



The not so good thing about living in Mallorca

Although it is well connected, many people find it difficult to adapt to life on an island. To get out of here you have to do it by boat or plane, there are no more possibilities; what many people experience as a feeling of overwhelm.

Another problem of life in Mallorca is that its citizens have a hard time opening up with others, especially if they are foreigners. Which does not happen in the rest of Spain, where people are more tolerable with immigrants.

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We must remember that Palma is an island invaded by tourists, which makes the prices of things rise considerably. They are also very common scams or deceptions to “novices of the city”, so you must be very parrot.

And finally, it should be noted the poor connection of public transport with other sites on the island itself. The metro or buses connect with very few areas, so you’ll definitely will need a car or a vehicle.


The good things about living in Mallorca

This Mediterranean city has a privileged climate, with average temperatures ranging between 17 and 20 degrees Celsius. Mallorcan people can enjoy almost 300 sunny days a year. With this panorama sure you want to take a bath on its white sand beaches and crystal clear waters.

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Living in Palma de Mallorca means being able to enjoy the tranquility that this city offers you. The favorite hobbies of the people here are practicing yoga, meditation, photography, sports or simply contemplating the beautiful landscapes. However, the tranquility of the day becomes a party and revelry at night. The best discos and cocktail bars are waiting for you.

If something highlights Mallorca is to be very well connected. Palma airport is located just 20 minutes from the city center. If you want to move to other Spanish cities such as Barcelona or Valencia you can do it comfortably by ferry.

Another reason why you should take the suitcase is because of the number of possibilities you will have when shopping. There are shops for all budgets and for all tastes.

If you love to travel frequently to our beautiful island every time you have the chance to do it.

If you enjoy the friendly atmosphere, the affordable cost of life, the peace and the relaxing life style of Mallorca.

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