Watersports in Mallorca

Watersports in Mallorca. Other little known “water sports” that are practiced on our island.

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No wind? Are you not going to take your kitesurfing lessons today? Why not ry something new today until tomorrow, the wind returns.

If our sport, kitesurfing, can sometimes be dangerous, we know that we have to take all precautionary measures learned during our kite course to make our practices and learning, as safe as possible.

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Other watersports in Mallorca

I write these lines to explain about other lesser-known “water” sports that can be practiced occasionally also in the water, fresh water in this case.

I refer to the activity known as canyoning, which, obviously, could be considered an option, especially for some days without wind.

Gorg Blau kitesurfing no wind other activities Mallorca kiteschool kite lessons

And in our case I am referring to the Gorg Blau, which is perhaps the most spectacular of all the possibilities of canyoning in Mallorca.

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Watch the video above and … enjoy

Needless to say, what you have seen in the video is a high-risk activity, only available to experts in the activity, and in no way, we are suggesting to anyone who dares to do something similar.

However, there is the possibility of joining one of the canyoning trips promoted by some professional groups that settled on the island with all the legal permits to offer their activities.

Obviously, the choice of the day is of capital interest, since, in case of bad weather, rainy days or during the winter, this is not recommended.

If you would like more information about this activity, visit the following interesting and informative website.


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