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Should 3 kites pull from one person? Is that even possible? 3 kites pulling attached – kite blog Mallorca kiteschool.

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Since CrazyFly started developing and producing kites in 2009, has undergone continuous changes. Their kites keep improving considerably and their position in the global market has grow thanks to their efforst in research and innovation.

Some time ago I posted something about a similar experience. Then, were two kites, two foil type kites, Peter Lynn was the kite brand.

I didn’t go to the water, I just tested it on sand, just to check if they will fly connected, one and 5 meters over it, the second kite. They were an 8 and a 10 mts.

Here the link to the old post

This time, somebody tried the same thing but this time they were tube kites, and not just 2 kites but 3 of them, attached some meters from each other.

As you can see, it worked, and he was able to ride for a while and even try some transitions. The hard part, I guess, it was to pump not just one but 3 kites, one after the other

And not being happy enough with his achievement, he tried something else. Something that already some other people had tried in the past and which mere common sense, invites to … not to try yourself.

Watch here:

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