Deutsche kitekurs auf Mallorca

If in one the last entries in our blog with the title:  Deutsche kitekurs auf Mallorca, we could witness Harald struggles and final success on his kite lessons, now it is time to dedicate some more lines in english to her lovely daughter, Lilli

Lilli registered as a new Asociacion Aprende a Navegar kite member 3 days ago. She started the kite lessons at the same time than her father Harald.

1 kitesurfing courses in Mallorca in April Lilli is learning

and evidently had much fun with it, even sometimes, helping other “shorter” students on their practices

2 Lilli and Herald kite lessons in Mallorca in April

to the point that this little people were able to fly, and soon, after all this happy moments, it was clear that Lilli was ready to try higher goals

3 waterstart in Mallorca kite courses in April Harald Can Pastilla

the always thrilling and highly awaited board positioning and waterstart, therefore, various kite club members also gathered to assist her in those delicate moments with the only hope to witness her success, and, how else? … to learn from the “young bird natural skills”

4 Lilli kitesurfing learning in April Flysurfer kiteboard

and … off she went, up above the waters, almost effortlessly … in the barely insignificant 8 kts of wind that even made the left tip of her kite caress the water …

5 Flysurfer kiteschool Mallorca in April learning guarantee

just for a couple of seconds … which was not an obstacle for Lilli to recover control of the kite and keep steering it forward and continue with the first successful kitesurfing ride of her life and keep kitesurfinguntil the point in which she decided it was time perhaps to try to return to the starting point

Such father such daughter, goes the saying … though in our case we could well change the order of the words as Lilli succedded “a little much earlier” than her father 🙂

6 Lilli Deutsche kitekurs auf Mallorca in April

and here a closer last pic of our dear brand-new kite lady
Kiteklub Verein Aprende a Navegar Lilli Kitekurs in Mallorca April

Congrats my dear friend!
Learning kitesurfing in Mallorca/ Lilli’s turn


Wind and weather in Mallorca