Kitesurfing in Can Pastilla/Playa de Palma

To practice kitesurfing in Playa de Palma or Can Pastilla it’s under your own responsibility. If anyway you decide to do so, be always respectful with other beach users.

Teaching kitesurfing, being those beaches the urban beaches of the city of Palma, is strictly prohibited.

kitesurfing Can Pastilla is not a good idea
Photo of Can Pastilla on any summer day

Basically, even though you will often see some kite practitioners in Can Pastilla. The beach is not oriented to that purpose. Can Pastilla/Playa de Palma are beaches intended for the use of families, sunbathers and tourism in general.

Kitesurfing in Can Pastilla or Playa de Palma it’s only permitted by making use of the water channels designed to go out or come back to the beach.

Playa de Palma and El Arenal beaches during tourist season
Playa de Palma and El Arenal beaches during tourist season

This water channels are not specifically designated for kitesurfing but for the use of small sailing or motor boat crafts and the allowed speed inside the channel is 3 mph.  Fines are of 3000 euros when you get caught by local police riding inside the buoys which are set 200 mts from the beach.

An interesting link about water channels and their use in Spain

neither in the beach nor on the water kitesurfing in Can Pastilla is a good option

Never kitesurf inside the marked areas. During tourist season there’s a line of yellow buoys all along the beach and until the beach of El Arenal and the eastern end of Playa de Palma, disposed at a distance of 200 meters from the beach. This is regarded as swimmers area.

If you still wish to kitesurf in Can Pastilla we advice you to walk out through the water channel to start your navigation as fas as possible from the beach, once you are kitesurfing or windsurfing on the outside, you should by all means stay at least 200 mts from the beach and don’t cross the buoys line.

before arriving to Palma de Palma

Before arriving to Playa de Palma/Can Pastilla, the promenade that starts in Palma which runs parallel to the sea during most of it there is no sandy areas but rocks and in the areas of it in which are some small beaches, there are also many beach users and families, making the use of that beaches for kitesurfing not suitable.


What about kitesurfing there off season?

Can Pastilla Playa de Palma off tourist season empty but still too close to the promenade

Above this lines two photos of the beach off season.  Notice that  the beach on its most part is just 30 meters broad and during the tourist season is packed with swimmers and sunbathers.

From November until end of March the beach is mostly empty, only occasionally some people walking on the sea shore. At this time of the year, alternating with calm days, there are some storms from S SE and SW. Many local kiters take advantage of this wind directions to kitesurf in Can Pastilla/Playa de Palma and El Arenal.

Can Pastilla Playa de palma kitesurfing in winter

Though, evidently the law doesn’t make difference between seasons, during this months it is “permited” the practice of kitesurfing through all the beach.

In any case be always very careful, don’t surpass the limits of your kitesurfing level and remember that 90 per cent of days in which wind conditions are suitable for kitesurfing the wind direction is onshore or side onshore.

Avoid kitesurfing in violent storms and remember the promenade, in any case, it’s just few meters away and generally quite busy with lots of people strolling.

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