FLYSURFER Speed 4 deluxe

The next photo report shows the awaited Flysurfer Speed 4 model deluxe on its 8 mts size

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Flysurfer has always chosen to present its new models of kite foil in cycles of two, three and sometimes even up to 4 years.

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Following a development approach oriented towards improvement and the variety of performance in different aspects, what has meant a product trajectory that is only dependent on a product once the true innovation objectives have been achieved.

The Lotus Speed4 model flies even less wind than its previous model, the Speed 3, is more stable, turns better and acts differently in the wind window, considered almost like a wave kite because of the special turn it offers.

With the use of Lotus-cloth for the first time in a kite product, it has been sought to increase the longevity of the kite since the special properties of this type of material are formidable.

1 flysurfer Speed 4 Mallorca kiteschool report

Test was performed on an empty Southeast Asian beach and 14 to 22 knots side onshore wind.  In fact, there was a bit too light wind, as this kite starts to excel from 20 kts and up to 38 kts but the idea was also to experience its performance in light wind, its low end.

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For wind speeds of 16 kts it would be evidently, more suitable a kite size of 12 meters but the Speed 4 it was build in the Lotus fabric while the 10 and 8 mts were the only sizes on Deluxe fabric.

3 wave style kite foil Speed 4 deluxe Flysurfer kiteschool Mallorca

but the idea was just to check which is the low end of the 8 mts size, and once checked that, it was time to pack things back and considered ourselves satisfied with the results.

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