Is it possible to learn kitesurfing in 2 or 3 days?

Is it really possible to learn kitesurfing in only 2 or 3 days?. Here it is an interesting question. Which would be the right answer?

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Ok. Let’s see about our today’s thopic, a little more in detail about this. The answer to the previous question is given by a cocktail of circumstances.

In the first place, it is evident that too much wind during your kite lessons is going to be equal to disaster. You will put yourself at risk, as well as others around you, and this is really important, always better to prevent thatn to cure.

It will be easy to damage the kite equipment at any loss of control of the kite, and, in any case, you will not be able to perform correctly nothing of what it has been explained to you by your kite monitor, in spite of his best efforts because things will happen so fast that you will be absolutely overwhelmed.

Dangers during kitesurfing
Dangers during kitesurfing


Let’s put an example to understand this correctly. What does it exactly mean too much wind?  Some people may say 20 knots is a perfect wind force to learn kitesurfing, by instance. Wrong!

1 too much wind to learn kitesurfing

Let’s visualize the following example: We are sitting in a coffee shop, your sitting in a chair next to me, you will begin to write a letter. When you start writing, I grab your arm and start shaking it. First, gently, gently -more than 12 knots of wind-, then I start to stir it more noticeably -more than 16 knots of wind-, now I shake it firmly, forcefully, almost violently, they are already blowing 20 knots of wind.

It’s easy to contrast the results, right? ? What you really need to learn kitesurfing is a light breeze. From 6 to 10 knots is the ideal wind force.

Obviously, if your kite lessons take place using a tube kite – the inflatable kites are heavy – there is no doubt about the need for a medium strong breeze – a light breeze will not suffice as a result of the extra weight it entails the use of a heavier kite – and with it, you will need a more precise handling and consequently much more difficult to achieve on your kite … with which it is easily understood that it will be practically impossible to write an intelligible letter.

2-deep or wavy waters are not good for learning kitesurfing

As important as the right wind force on your kite lessons is the choice of the right kite spot.
A rough sea or with breaking waves, a wavy spot, even small ones, crashing against you will make you lose control of the kite as you will have no balance. And deep waters, will make of your kite learning a nightmare. The deeper water will make you not be well supported in the bottom since you have a tendency to float, which makes the control of the kite much more difficult.

How to learn kitesurfing?
How to learn kitesurfing?


Kitesurfing equipment- kite and board

Equipment … to have the right kitesurfing equipment will simplify things highly; never underestimate the power of a kite, a small kite will not make things easier.

A small kite acts somehow as a whip, it will be very hard to keep some control of it, and also, a small kite it will move too fast for you to be able to measure out the tension on the kite lines.

The best kite model to learn kitesurfing

The best kite model to learn kitesurfing

The best kite model to learn kitesurfing

Besides the fact we saw before, a tube kite is heavy, it needs more wind that, by instance a foil type of kite. The stronger the breeze the less control you will have. Something is becoming quite clear, we need a light breeze and a forgiving kite for our kitesurfing learning.

The best kite model to learn kitesurfing

Just check on the photographs on our webpage and see what type of kites are we using during our lessons and its amazing results.


3 overcrowded kite beach impossible kite lessons

An overcrowded kite beach = Impossible kite lessons. You cannot pretend to learn on a beach in which you are surrounded by 10/15 other kite students which are crashing their kites around you or where your ride will not even be 15 meters long because there are kiters crossing your way recklessly.


Is it possible to learn kitesurfing in just 2 or 3 days?

In the next photos and video we will see our kite student and new club member Ron,  during his second day of kite lessons, how he positioned himself on the kiteboard, how did he waterstart, how was he able to gain some distance and how he returns to the starting point.

5 kitesurfing-school-in-Mallorca www mallorca kiteschool com in June July and August


Want to learn kitesurfing in Mallorca? 

The kite, a 9 mts Peak Flysurfer, a special easy handling 0 risk kiteschool kite.  The board a Flysurfer XL 170×50 cms

2 Ronald beginner kite course in Mallorca

We are waiting for you in Asociacion Aprende a Navegar our kite club and


Learn kitesurfing in Mallorca with the best


Ron learned kitesurfing
in just 2 days of kite lessons

Notice that on the waterstart of Ron, our kite student, he is performing the correct movements with the kite bar, in the right timing, this, at the same time that he keeps his front leg stretched while he is leaning backwards and applying pressure on his rear leg.learn kitesurfing in 2 or 3 days

There lies the “secret” of success in your kitesurfing learning: Total control of the control bar of the kite through the precise understanding of it and from there on, send the necessary traction of the kite to the kiteboard under your feet. Do not hesitate, the school is the best option for learning kitesurfing in Mallorca.

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