Kitesurfing lessons in July in Mallorca

Kitesurfing lessons in July in Mallorca. One day, at the beginning of July, Cyrus took three days of lessons with Asociacion Aprende a Navegar.  The Asociacion is a non-profit kiteclub in collaboration with the kite school

Cyrus, after practicing with the kite the first two days and understanding thoroughly all the technical concepts for achieving the control of the kite, today he tried for the first time to get up on the kiteboard.

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he walks enough meters into the water to avoid unnecessary risks and thus start his kitesurfing navigation as far as possible from the shore

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after positioning on the kiteboard, he throws the kite forward stretching the front leg while with the back leg applies pressure on the board to compensate for the thrust provided by the kite

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Getting up on the kitesurfing board

Cyrus stands on the board and immediately begins to advance the first meters

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after the first meters he corrects the position and thanks to the pressure in the edge of the kite board he can start riding upwind and not lose track

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Cyrus has managed to navigate the first hundred meters kitesurfing and keeping control of the board and kite while he continues riding forward

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the model of kite which Cyrus is using on his first kite rides is a genuine “vintage” kite foil model, a Flysurfer Pulse, a kite of the year 2007 that saving the differences with a kite model 2016, still offers the necessary conditions of stability and thrust that make it remain an authentic wonder

7 first kitesurfing lesson in Mallorca beginners kite course

now Cyrus on his ride is approaching the area of ​​the bay of Pollensa known as Sa Marina

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After a few more minutes on his navigation, Cyrus reaches the first 600 meters from his starting point and … everything is still working perfectly

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we must notice that Cyrus has stood on the board on his first attempt, actually, on his second attempt, since in the first one he was not able to get enough momentum and he could not get up

10 Cyrus kite course in Pollensa Bay Flysurfer kite lessons

Cyrus has kitesurfed in both directions more than 1500 meters from the starting point, everything has worked properly, he has maintained its track almost without losing height and yet he managed also to ride far from the shore

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It is really is very seldom to find kitesurfing students who are able on the third day of lessons to navigate that distance with such ease, without losing height in his navigation.

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Now is the time to think about kitesurfing back to where the kite instructor is waiting for you.
Congratulations Cyrus. Your 3 days of lessons were excellent profited and you have taken advantage of it, now it is time to think in your kitesurfing sessions when you will be back home. Keep always in mind all the details to have safe kite sessions paying attention and without taking unnecessary risks. We hope to see you next summer again among us.

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