Wind and weather in Mallorca

Here is a small report about the different seasons regarding wind and weather in Mallorca. Actually, more than about seasons themselves as we know them, we have created this report according to the real time periods in which the wind and weather changes take place.

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It is necessary to mention that due to global warming effects, this report could be sometimes not 100 per cent accurate. The fact is that within the last two years, we could say that what in Mallorca we may call “winter” is lasting longer than usual and switching to, “almost summer” in just few days.

Summers being really hot, July bringing some days of surprising heat and by end of August from one day to the next, water temperature starting to be “not so warm”. Thermals lately are failing right at the beginning of September, becoming mostly inconsistent, lasting barely one hour instead the 5 or 6 hours they used to last just one week earlier.

Autumn resulting lately quite windless and warmer than years before, due to, generally, a high pressure area which can camp over mainland Spain, insistently and for weeks.

In short: Best wind season regarding predictability: from April until end of August. Before that, some storms alternating with calms, and from September on, end of thermals with some unexpected exceptions lasting miraculously until early October in which we can have wonderful warm clear blue days which will not bring any wind at all.

Wind and weather in Mallorca
January to April

1 wind und wetter in mallorca Januar bis April

Air temperature expected goes between 5 and 12 C but from middle of March on, temperatures can reach 20 ° C.

Water temperatures are between 13 to 20 ° C.  There can be week long or even longer wind calms.

Weather changes very often depending on possible low pressure formations arriving from Atlantic through northwest mainland Spain, reaching the Balearic islands after a couple of days.

There’s always the possibility of rain or storms, sometimes even snow in the Tramuntana mountains.
Mostly Jan/Feb are the coldest months, also quite humid but can be warmer in the middle of the day.

On warm days in March may occur the first thermal winds.

Kitesurfers need full neoprene.


Wind and weather in Mallorca
April to mid-June

2 wind und wetter Mai bis September

Air temperature is between 15 and 25 ° C. The water temperature is 18-25 C.

The days are sunny. May until early summer bring warm days, but still cool nights, sometimes 14 º C. It can occasionally be some rainy days.

The wind, at this time of the year is alternating from west or north or even northeast but most frequently thermals start to be a constant, starting at 11.00, often reaching 12-16 kts.  At about 17:00 the wind calms down.

Kitesurfers need long neoprene but sometimes a shorty can be enough.


Wind and weather in Mallorca
Mid-June to the end of August

3 wind und wetter in Mallorca Juni bis August

Temperatures between are 25 and 35 ° C.  The water temperature is 22 to 28 º C.

From early July on the nights are so warm that outside nightlife can be enjoyed.

That period of the year bring thermal winds daily, sometimes lasting until up to 19.00 though at the end of August there may be some occasional storm from the northeast or south.

In June, kite surfers still wear shorties wetsuits.  A lycra is recommended in hot summer days.


Wind and weather in Mallorca
September until end of October

5 sept to Oct wind und wetter mallorca kitesurfen

Temperatures are between 18 and 25 ° C.  Water slowly getting colder between 23 and 18 º C.

Pleasant temperatures, lots of sun and often wind calms but in occasions good kite conditions.

Possible storms from north or south, thermals are seldom to none.

Kitesurfers from early October, wear full neoprene, especially on stormy days.


Wind and weather in Mallorca
November and December

4 mallorca kiteschool wind und wetter

Air temperatures between 18 and 12 ° C.   Water temperature is between 15 and 17 º C

The days are yet pleasant. Winds are mostly from south or south-west. Maybe a storm from West, North or Northeast which can last  even a couple of days.

Some days can be rainy and cold, but only a few days later weather will be nice again.

Kitesurfers wear long neoprene.

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