During the best part of the year regarding wind conditions, 95 per cent of days we will have enough wind to have our kite lessons. And … it there’s no wind in Mallorca?

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Thanks to our foil type kites – FLYSURFER– it is very difficult not to have enough wind for our kite lessons. The special type of kites we are using are able to fly in as little as 3 knots of wind.

We should notice that the relation size/weight or our kite is of capital importance to make it able to fly.  Or, in other words, a heavy big tube kite will not fly in light wind. It doesn’t matter how big it is. The bigger the kite, the heavier, evidently.

This may sound so far as unimportant. No wind = no lessons. But not necessarily it is needed  too much wind to have this lessons.

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In fact, it is definitely better to have your kite lessons in real light wind as your control of the kite and the reaction of the kite to your commands will be more prone to forgiveness that in a “not so light breeze”.

However, very seldom but possible, some days it will be just no wind. Let’s say this could happen one or two days per month.

In case the weather forecast, indicate us the wind direction, is not adequate –  offshore direction – and you prefer to take a day off.  You can dedicating your time to do something else.

2 rent a motorbike with sixt in Mallorca no wind day

There is the possibility to rent a bike or a car and take one of the three different recommended routes of tourist interest that proposes the company Sixt Rent-a-car.

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The first of these routes goes from Palma to Sineu.  This route can be covered in a minimum of 3 hours and 30 minutes – maximum time your decision, as there are many reasons to stop and enjoy the day.

It runs along interesting places such as the Church Sant Bartomeu, the Castillo de Alaró, the Museum Can Prunera, the Mirador d’ in Banya and admiring landscapes of the sierra de Tramuntana, covering an approximate distance of 112 kms.

During the second recommended route, through the southeast of Mallorca you can visit the castles of Bellver and the Santueri and also the Cathedral of Palma.

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The third route has a distance of 151.6 km, through the shrines to the Virgin of Montision and Sant Salvador in Felanixt as well as we can accede to the East coast of Mallorca visiting Cala Pi, Ses Salines, Cala Figuera and Cala s’Almunia.

The last tourist route proposal by Sixt  rent-a-car we will explore the Northeast of Mallorca.

This option will offer us the opportunity to take part in the kitesurfing lessons of our Association/School ASOCIACION APRENDE A NAVEGAR/ MALLORCA KITESCHOOL on the Bay of Pollensa, in the Natural Park S’Albufereta.

We’ll be able to enjoy as well the unparalleled landscapes of the North of Mallorca, visit the Mirador de Sa Creueta in Cap de Formentor, the Talaiot des Racons or the Drach caves in Porto Cristo among other interesting tourist attractions.

Viento en Mallorca y meteorología


Mallorca thermal winds -Embat kite lessons

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