– The basic rules of kitesurfing it is something that every kiter must know. Before kitesurfing you have to learn with a legalized kite school and take a  good kitesurfing course.

– Once your kitesurfing lessons are over and you are practicing on your own, let’s remember some basic rules to have a satisfactory kitesurfing session as well as in the safest way as possible.

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Whether at the beach or on the water, offer your help always, you will also be helped when you need it.

help other beginner kites in problems - basic kitesurfing rules

Very often you can see beginner kiters which they are prone to make mistakes or take a wrong decision. Offer your help and advice when you understand this is needed.

– If you are a beginner yourself and if you have any doubt or question, do not doubt about it, look for a more advanced rider or a local and ask him without hesitation.

– Among the basic rules of kitesurfing, remember that once in the water, when you are riding, you are going to switch direction and turn around, you have to look back and check well before doing it, especially if you have a smaller (and faster) kite than other kiters.

kitesurfing among other kiters

In the event of an accident, we must be very clear about the protocol and how to do a CPR (that is, cycles of 30 compressions and 2 insufflations).
If you have to help someone which was hurt, it is convenient that you wait for the ambulance with the wounded kiter laying on the sand and his back offered to the wind.

If you are a professional in the sector; rider, monitor, pro, or you just kitesurf so well and fast that you leave dolphins behind, other kiters and users of the beach will pay attention to you, act consequently and admit your responsibility.

learn from good kiters

– Most likely you will be regarded as a kitesurfing authority in your area, therefore be always an example in all you do.   Be kind and generous while you are riding and also on the beach, help others and advice them, if needed.

best kiters and basic rules of kitesurfing

Show always the utmost respect, for other kiters and especially for other beach users which surely are unaware of the danger which a kite can represent when is out of control or not handled properly. Remember that we are human, we can fail, and also our gear it’s not infallible.

If in case of failure or breakage of your gear or other kiter’s gear, react fast and do what it is needed. This will give also a margin of safety (space and time) to you and other people that could suffer the implications of -by instance- a kite out of control, in order to amend as fast as possible any wrongdoing and get the situation under control.

The school which is based in Pollensa Bay in Mallorca, will prepare your with all the necessary knowledge and practice to make of you a safe and good kiter.

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