Flysurfer Peak in Mallorca – Saleh a danish kite student

It is said that kitesurfing is a extreme sport. The risk involved comes from wrong wind conditions and wrong kite equipment, about that, we wrote this blog entry: Flysurfer Peak in Mallorca – Saleh a danish kite student.



Saleh was a danish kite student in Mallorca. Last week we had among us a danish kite student, Saleh, which, after joining our kite club and have 3 days of kite lessons he has finished his kite training successfully.

The next photos are, once again, the graphic testimony of his success. It is said that an image can tell more than thousand words … or promises.

This images are the fact of how in our 3 days kite course, our danish kite pal starting from 0 knowledge of kitesurfing, ended riding fluently in both directions.

Is it easy to learn kitesurfing?  Is it difficult? … how long will it take to learn?  The answers to this questions are one and hundred times described in our webpage. We are passing you the link of how the first 3 hours develope in our kite course.



The first 3 hours of your kite lessons are the foundation of the building which is going to be our kite progression. The wrong foundation, the building will collapse and so it will your efforts to learn.

You don’t need one to one kite lessons.  You don’t need the latest kite equipment to learn well. You need the right wind and water conditions. The right kite spot, the correct and adequate kite equipment for a beginner and above all a good kite tuition.

Check the photos of this blog entry and see by yourself how one starts kitesurfing and ends his kite course in absolute success.

1 Saleh preparing waterstart kitesurfing lessons mallorca

Saleh and some other kiteclub members and kite students are sharing knowledge on their kite training and evidently, willing to help our friend on the preliminary protocol of kiteboard positioning

2 a little help it is always welcome kitesurfing mallorca

A little help from your friends and other kite students it is necessarily always welcome, no doubt about it

3 thanks my friends kitesurfing mallorca

and now, all seems ready for the much awaited moment, the first waterstart … I mean the first waterstart with real possibilities to succeed of your life-

4 and ... there I go kitesurfing in mallorca

and … there he goes! receiving the pull of the kite, a 12 mts Flysurfer Peak


Flysurfer Peak in Mallorca

5 up, finally up in the board kite course July in mallorca

up, finally up on the board and starting his ride

6 gaining meters away kitesurfing lessons mallorca

first meters kiteboarding successfully and happily, why not admit it?

7 Saleh is gaining distance kitesurfen mallorca

as the seconds are clicking away, so do the meters, the meters between the starting point and where Saleh is now. Saleh is gaining distance

8 real real distance kitesurfing lessons mallorca in August

real real distance, amigos, Saleh is bounded away and no mayor -neither minor- damage on sight

9 barerly, a point in the distance kiteschool mallorca

barely a point in the distance … when, Saleh decide to switch direction and turn back towards us

10 but coming back happily kite Sa Marina Palma de mallorca

and here he is, still riding the board and in the opposite direction

11 approaching the starting point kite course June in mallorca

approaching the starting point, closer and closer …

10 hey amigos here I am again kite school mallorca Saleh

Hey amigos! Here am I again! …

13 in front of the camera3 days kite course in August in Mallorca

passing in front of the camera without hesitation

14 and getting away again mallorca kite courses in August Danish kiteschool

and with no sign of intention of stopping his ride but keep kitesurfing “problemlos” without problem …

15 next to the beach time to return again kite in mallorca

now towards the beach of Pollentia Club, 300 mts further down and in perfect control

16 hello everybody is ok during my absence kitesurfing mallorca

Hello everybody! All ok while I was absent?

17 mallorca kiteschool so please, allow me to depart again

so, please, allowe me to depart again …

18 I know I know everybody must be surprised kitesurfing lessons mallorca

and what must be on his brains? I know, I know … all must be really surprised … about my success …

19 look at my stance, amazing kite style mallorca kiteschool

Look at my stance! Amazing kite style …

20 once you have the technique, you have the key of the treasure kite mallorca

Once you have the technique, you have the treasure chest keys

21 Oh there is the teacher with his camera let me surprise him kitesurfing school mallorca

Oh, look who’s here! Cris as always, around with his camera! Look! look at his surprised expression HA! HA! HA! … Look at his face!

-actually, my surprised face was because he was straight bounded coming towards about chopping my head off with the kiteboard front when I had to fast dive to save my life-

25 hola tio Ala madrid! kitesurfen mallorca

hola tio! … Ala Madriiiiiid!!!

and now … offering my best side. The departing one!
Tillykke min ven!
Vi ønsker dig mange glade kitesurfing dage.


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