Flysurfer Speed 4 Lotus and beginner’s kite course

Manuel arrives to the beach with serious intentions to progress on his kite lessons with  Flysurfer Speed 4 Lotus and beginner’s kite course.

mallorca kiteschool kite courses in August

Manuel’s first step is to prepare the kite on the beach for its launching with the help of other kite club members and friends

1 kite preparation flysurfer kiteschule mallorca

they help him on the preparation and the right attachment of lines and kite

2 mallorca kiteschule Lotus 12 mts Pollensa Bay

Manuel is checking all carefully before hitting the water

4 kitesurfing lessons kite lauch Manuel edmkpollensa

he is getting into the water to find the right angle to proceed to the kite launch

3 Manuel is checking all carefully before hitting the water

smoothly pulling from the center left line

5 Manuel Pollensa bay Portblue kiteschool

and up it goes!, no hassle, no troubles, the kite is up on the air

Now some bodydrag to feel the pulse of the kite and find the power zone of the kite, here a small vid

It was quite a while since the last time he came around, so, better a bit of warm up, to catch the kite control feeling again

6 Michael mallorca kiteschool monitor helps Manuel

our friend and expert kitesurf teacher Michael, will take care of Manuel

explain him the details  again of board positioning  and waterstart

8 walk to deep water kitesurfing lessons in mallorca with Michael

walk backwards for deeper waters -precaution is the key- the further away from the beach shore the safest for yourself and for everyone

9 kiteboard positioning kitesurfing mallorca waterstart

Manuel is first positioning on the kiteboard and then practicing with the kite bar movements

10 steering the kite flysurfer Lotus 12 mts kiteschool in Mallorca

Manuel is caressing success, but remember, no pain no gain, all must be done precisely in order to stand up on the kite board and start riding

12 kitesurfing mallorca Manuel flysurfer Lutus first waterstart and ride

and now yes, he stands up on the kiteboard and start covering the first meters kitesurfing

13 mallorca kiteschool Pollensa bay Manuel kitesurfing first time

The kiteboarding lessons made Manuel progressing until start riding


14 landing the kite in Mallorca

after half hour of kite rides left and right now it is time to land the kite

15 flysurfer kiteschool in mallorca Lotus 12 mts kite

Manuel is landing the kite at 90 degrees on the wind window

16 Manuel kite lessons Mallorca returning to the beach

Michael secures the kite on its upwind tip with a sand bag and Manuel returns to the beach

now it is time to join both kite tips and start folding it

18 Portblue Club kiteschool beach Manuel in Mallorca in August

and life continues, our kite club members, back on the beach are relaxing.
One more happy kite day in Pollensa bay.

kitesurfing mallorca learn kite with Manuel