Kite courses for girls in Mallorca

Our next kite member in our Asociacion Aprende a Navegar has arrived looking for a Kite course for girls in Mallorca.

After our next kite club member has taken some kite lessons and in spite of the “too light wind days” we lately had, she has progressed and managed to stand on the kiteboard and have her first kite rides in only 2 days.

1kitesurfing-lessons for girls in Mallorca-walking-backwards-keeping-kite-control

3-kitesurfing lessons in Mallorca ready to try waterstart June


Kite course for girls in Mallorca

Our  new kite girl in our kiteschool is about to waterstart after only 2 days of kite lessons

4-kitesurfing lessons in Mallorca and there we go waterstart at first attempt

5-kitesurfing lessons Mallorca kiteschool Portblue Club in June

The following images are of her first rides in one and the other direction, in full rush of adrenaline …

6-kitesurfing lessons Mallorca wind in June at Sa Marina

12-now towards the other side of the wind window kite course in June at Alcudia

Now, allow me to follow this blog entry with some lines that only the ones that have passed through our teaching will be able to make sense of it.

13-kitespot Mallorca Pollensa Bay kite course in June flysurfer kiteschool

16 best kite lessons for beginner in Mallorca kite course in June

The process to control the kite

It is assumed that thoughts can act as electrical impulses, running through the nerves.

But not, this doesn’t seem to be the case, our sophisticated brain is going to take care of flooding our body with all sorts of subtle adjustments, a matter of hormones and neurotransmitters, phenylalanine, etc

Probably this is not working that way, simply, because thoughts do not necessarily happen one at a time. You can have several thoughts at the same time, and these thoughts probably happen in bursts which take place on parallel tracks, in a fierce and rampant race, pushing themselves, competing, struggling to get to the brain first …


Now let’s go back to business

In our case, during our kitesurfing lessons, until we can synthesize all the information our teacher has provided and we are able to act, immediately, efficiently, without abruptness … we are a bit lost

18 front leg stretched and riding upwind in June

19 flysurfer Peak 9 mts kite course in June Alcudia Mallorca

Our eyes, the most important of our five senses, vission, the source of recognition of all situations, will not be able to help us … not this time.  Actually it will only delay us on our final objective:  Efficiency




This is just about one thing, make our thoughts to arrive in time, and what is even more difficult, to do all we have to do within the next 2 seconds … and of course, do it well