Kite course 2 days Mallorca in May

How long does it take to learn kitesurfing? Get up on the kite boards and ride? You only have 2 days left. Kite course 2 days Mallorca in May.

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Learn kitesurfing in Mallorca, is that what you expect? Now the moment has come, you get on the plane to enjoy your Easter holidays. Coralie will arrive at the airport of Palma de Mallorca, go to her hotel, leave the suitcase and go to the beach.


2 days kite course Mallorca in May

Mallorca island. A normal day, well, normal, not really, that’s it Thursday in the Easter holidays
13 o’clock in the morning, it is the month of May.

Coralie has arrived at the beach at noon and then her kite lessons begin

1 kitesurfing mallorca Coralie first waterstart

The day is cloudier, but the temperature is 20 degrees Celsius. There is a light breeze, 10-12 knots from the northeast. Everything seems to be good to have a productive kite lesson day

Coralie got her kite lessons and by the process and precise movements with the kite bar, she started catching the idea and performing with her kite control very well. In her third hour of practices she is ready to get up on the kiteboard and start kitesurfing.

2 kitesurfing school in Majorca with Coralie in May


Coralie fast kitesurfing learner

Coralie sends the kite to the left side of the wind window and from there towards the right, gaining the necessary momentum, stretching out her front leg and putting on the necessary pressure on her back leg to get up on the kiteboard

3 Pulse 2 kitesurfing school on mallorca flysurfer

Coralie kitesurfs straight forward, even gaining somemeters against the wind. She’s already more than 200 meters from the place where she started her navigation.

The kite instructor standing on the water watches the whole action. Coralie kitesurfing, rides back and forth away in perfect control of the kite.

4 kitesurfing coralie riding flysurfer kiteboard Mallorca

Definitely, Coralie’s two-day kitesurfing course was very successful.  Kitesurfing in fact it is not a difficult sport to learn in the adecuate wind and water conditions, if using the right kite equipment and if given the right kite tuition and teaching method.

6 kitesurfing course palma de Mallorca Coralie rides on the wind

Here we had!  Coralie, an excellent kite student. Congratulations Coralie
Many success in your future kiteboarding life