Learn kitesurfing in Mallorca at the end of April

Learn kitesurfing in Mallorca at the end of April. We received an e-mail from Marco, a german kiteclub member who joined us last summer taking a kite course with her friend Nina. Our kite student Bartosz, his friend, came to learn kitesurfing with us this year at the end of April.

Kite club Aprende a Navegar - best kite school Mallorca

On his e-mail to the kite club, Marco recommended us a good friend of his, Bartosz, he was a work mate who had planned a short weekend trip to Majorca during the last week of April.

As expected, last week of April we have Bartosz, a Polish young man who was currently living in Germany. Bartosz was a skilled ski instructor and he was very interested in learning kitesurfing.

His friend Marco met with Bartosz just one week earlier and Bartosz missed the chance to join them to Mallorca on their trip, that is why Bartosz took his first chance and came to learn kitesurfing himself too.

Learning kitesurfing in Mallorca at the end of April

Bartosz became also a member of the kite clubs of Asociacion Aprende a Navegar and completed a two-day kite course. He started with the first 3 hours of kite lessons included in his yearly fee on Saturday and next day on Sunday he continued with 3 more hours.

beginner kite course in Mallorca in April-Bartosz Polish kite student

During his kite lessons, Bartosz enjoyed his training, learning and profiting very well all the explanations and practices from the early stages and on the second day of his exercises started with the first water starts.


Learn kitesurfing in Mallorca

Through the following pictures and videos we will see how Bartosz starts his kite-control, continues with bodydrags getting progressive control and stands on the kiteboard on his second day of lessons and finally ends kitesurfing fluently.

The best kite model to learn kitesurfing


The kite which Bartosz used during his kite lessons was a Flysurfer kite, Peak model 12 ms size and the kiteboard a flyboard FlySurfer XL model.

2 Bartosz Polish kite student in kite course in Mallorca in April

Learning kiting in Mallorca at the end of April was a good idea. We are very proud of the future, and in the short time. We are glad that you will be back soon.


S’Albufereta Nature Park kitespot Mallorca

Since the course took place in April and parts of the S’Albufereta Nature Park were protected we moved his kite lessons to the allowed side of the Park, the rest of the area is protected to the plover bird nesting periode which runs until 30th of June.

3 S'Albufereta Nature Park kite courses in April

This weekend of April we had a pleasant temperature both days, 20 degrees Celsius and the wind was between 8 and 12 knots from northeast.

Through the following pictures and videos we will see how Bartosz starts getting the kite-control and continues with his waterstart practices and his first rides on the kiteboard.

The Flysurfer Kite, were a foil Peak Model 12 ms size and a Pulse 2 10 meters also, while the Kiteboard was a FlySurfer XL Model 170×50.

We are very proud of the progression of Bartosz and we hope a future successful kitesurfing life ahead of him. We hope to have you back soon among us.

Bartosz learning kitesurfing in Mallorca in April

S’Albufereta Nature Park-OUR KITESPOT

The best kite model to learn kitesurfing



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