Mallorca kite foilboarding

Lately things have changed in Pollensa bay. Some years ago the biggest kite you could see around -except for out foils Flysurfer were 14 mts size kites. Today we can talk about: Mallorca kite foilboarding

The latest trend in the Bay

With the pass of time, in fact since the last 4 years, some kiters opted for 17 mts tube kites.

We, users of foil kites Flysurfers, since 2010 we had not such problems as we were using the Speed 3 19 and 21 sq meters. The kings of the bay, definitely.

This, the upgrade of passing from 14 sq mts tube kites to 17 sq mts meant that instead being forced to spend your time on the beach mourning about the poor light wind conditions, those that dared to buy the big tubes, started to see some succees.

But one year after, things started to get a new turn on that story.  As it seemed not enough wind yet for their big tubes some of the Pollensa Bay kiters switched their twin tips for surf boards in the search of more volume under their feet.

The success on their rides were noticeable though often you could see people with their 17 mts floating over tha water as wind was on the 6-7 knots and the heavy tubes were not able to fly.


Mallorca kite foilboarding

The next step in the changes I mentioned in the first line of this post
came when some valients tried the first foilboards.


It must be admitted that the differences in riding technique between a normal kite board and a foil board are huge. The best idea is to get at least one or two hours of lessons, which can be arranged on the spot.

While on a normal kite board, what you do is to stretch your front leg and apply presure on your back foot, this method fails drastically if what you are trying is to waterstart on a foil kiteboard.

Here we upload some pics of the board that our friend David has
received as birthday present from his beloved wife, Ludmi


the board and the foil mallorca kiteschool.jpg

We wish you a lot of luck and success in your foilboarding life, at the
same time that tons of patience in your learning and practices.

low part kite foilboard Mallorca kiteschool.jpg


Serve it as an example of what you want to achieve -the video-
fresh recorded today at noon in the area of Sa Marina