Mallorca thermal winds -Embat kite lessons

Mallorca thermal wind or also known locally as Embat is the best guarantee of successful kite lessons. Our new girl learning kitesurfing in Mallorca with us and how Embat wind made it possible.

kitesurfing lessons mallorca with thermal


Mallorca thermal winds

In certain areas at a certain distance from the sea which makes that temperature difference creates a suction effect when the air rises on the ground to make its molecule lighter because of the action solar.

Maria Jose in Mallorca thermal wind in June

To enjoy an adequate breeze for kitesurfing lessons it is valuable to don’t suffer unnecessary powerful winds.  This sort of winds are created because the influence of high or low pressure areas and also by Trade winds when they get sort of canalized between islands.


Embat kite lessons

embat wind in Mallorca in June

Embat winds in Mallorca, though not perfect are the closest thing to it. Mostly predictable, light enough but with the necessary intensity to facilitate the kite lessons and with its ups and downs -more downs than ups- are quite ok.

In any case a light breeze is the best option to learn kitesurfing. Remember that: You don’t need strong wind neither to kitesurf nor to learn it. The right intensity of the wind goes along with the right choice of your kite equipment.



Wind and weather in Mallorca

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Kitesurfing in Mallorca under thermal winds

Wind in Mallorca


Maria Jose first kitesurfing ride

Maria Jose accompanies her brother Matias June kite course Pollensa

Maria Jose accompanies her brother Matias from their far away country, Chile, on their summer trip to Mallorca. They have decided to try learning kitesurf with us.

The Asociacion Aprende a Navegar and mallorca kiteschool are bounded to facilitate your learning with the right tuition and the necessary technique, also by using the best and most suitable kitesurf equipment recommended for learning in the frequent light wind conditions which we usually have on our island, Mallorca.

Flysurfer Peak kitesurf equipment recommended for learning

During the stay of our friends on our island, the wind known as “embat” or summer thermal winds which are generally blowing in the bay of Pollensa have not been blowing at its average speeds, this has made sometimes the breeze to barely reach 6 knots.

in the bay of Pollensa have not been blowing but perfect thermal winds Mallorca

Nevertheless, Maria Jose has managed to progress on her kitesurfing lessons to end in a couple of days, being able to start to stand up in the kiteboard and kitesurf the first meters sailing in both directions.

Mª Jose Flysurfer kite type Peak size 12 meters kite course Mallorca in June

The kite gear used by Maria Jose, like the one used by his brother Matias has been a Flysurfer kite type Peak size 12 meters and the kiteboard, the XL model 170×50 cms also of the german Flysurfer kitesurfing brand.

Maria Jose first kitesurfing ride on Thermal winds/ Mallorca kitesurfing school

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