Your kite and the range of wind

You should be sure about the wind range of each of your kites. Your kite and the range of wind.

A very basic idea to consider about it is:

Imagine you have the kite still at the zenith. The kite usually flies a little higher on its leading edge than on the trailing edge, thus trapping the wind.

trimming-your-tube-kite learn to kitesurf en Mallorca

If both have the same height, the wind will go up and down the kite “almost” without resistance.

So, if you want your kite to have more power, you should shorten the direction lines slightly. Or make your center lines longer.

Choosing a correct trimming will keep your kite more balanced, perhaps less enhanced but much more stable.

2 Choosing a correct trimming will keep your kite more balanced mallorca kiteschool kite course in July

We should consider that the kite should not fly with lateral lines or direction too loose, if this happens, you will not have real control of the kite and this is because you have poorly trimadas lines and you should extend some cms, the center lines.

Apart from the correct trim or relation between the length of your central and lateral lines, little more can be done with a tube kite.

3 distintos puntos de trimado mallorca kiteschool

In any case, the position of the connection of the kite with the lateral lines can affect something for the kite to win or lose speed of rotation and finally the bridle of the tube kite also affects the flight of the kite but always more in relation to the speed of rotation or at most to what you have to pull the bar of the kite towards you to achieve the power and how that power comes dosed.

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