The kite course with our kite school: Our kiteschool and the first 3 hours reflect perhaps the most important part of our kite lessons.

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In this blog post, we’ll see how the first three hours of our kite lessons are evolving, how our skills in handling the kite progression developpe and most important which is the goal of it all.  This time we had a small group of beginners with no prior knowledge of how a kite works.

It is important to have at least one or two kite students by your side. Contrary to what may seem, you need to see in other kite fellow students the mistakes you probably aren’t able to see in yourself.

First, we must understand in detail how the kite reacts under the influence of the wind and how our commands transmitted from the kite bar, over the lines and until our kite provoque different situations that we have to master.

This first step in our kite control through the kite bar is of capital importance.  To get acquainted with the situations where and how the kite will respond better to our commands is the base of our future progression.



The main goal of this practice is to keep the kite’s bar and the kite parallel, on the same plane in the wind window. To achieve that we need to learn how to pass the tension from one line to the other, pulling with one hand while we do release the tension on the other line, always keeping the kite bar and the kite correctly oriented.

This first part of the lesson takes place with a two lines trainer, in which the idea is not just keep passing the kite from one side of the wind window towards the other but to familiarize with keeping the kite and bar oriented in the same plane during all the procedure.

This is how we will be in position to keep kite and kite bar in the same plane all the way during the trip of the kite through the wind window: Firstly, PULL with your left hand, then, TURN the kite bar towards the other side of the wind window with your right hand, and then, repeat the same procedure towards the other side of the wind window.

In a next step, we will train with a 4 lines kite and for this we need to understand the aerodynamics of the kite and the different angles that the wind causes on the kite profile as we are pulling the kite bars towards our body, applying tension on the kite lines or releasing tension on the kite lines by pushing the kite bar forward, always with both hands at the same time.


Kite positioning
according to the kite bar

In this case, in addition of keeping the kite and our kite bar in the same plane, we should understand the traction of the kite when we pull the kite bar towards ourselves, and next, pushing forward the kite bar, just as we coordinate keeping bar and kite at the same plane as the kite move from one side of the wind window to the other side.



While keeping the kite bar parallel to the kite position, we must gently pull the kite bar about 20 centimeters with both hands at the same time

then we have to keep the pull only with our upper hand on the kite bar to keep the kite pivoting around while the kite is travelling to the other side of the wind window

As the kite passes through the center of the wind window we must carefully pull the bar forward with both hands, this we shall do when the kite is passing right in front of us, not before, neither later, keeping the movement of the kite with the kite bar, parallel to the kite at all times.

As  the kite arrives on the other side of the wind window, between 1 and 2 o’clock, or between 11 and 12 if on the other side of the wind window,  we will pull towards our body the kite bar with both hands at the same time.

This will sent us the power of the kite and with it the traction which will make us advance forward on the water over our kiteboard.  We must repeat the procedure to the opposite direction of the wind window.

second hour kite courses full control of kite kite school in Mallorca in August
your kite teacher will correct you until you achieve the right handling

This vital part of our first 3 hours kite lessons goal is to teach you how and where to find where the kite traction is, to learn to control it and to dose how much power we want, while getting used to each step in this delicate procedure. The comprehension of that part is what will lead us to efficient kite handling, waterstart and first rides.



1.- Communication – the kite receives our commands efficiently –
2.- Power – we find power through our steering of the kite –
3.- Transfer – we send the required amount of power from the kite to the board –
4.- First waterstart – we stand on the board and ride the first meters –
5.- Kite riding progression – we kitesurfing in both directions –
6.- We start keeping our track until we ride upwind


Is it possible to learn kitesurfing in just 3 hours?

The links below are just some among the many examples we have on of how to learn kitesurfing in just 3 hours. Is that the norm? Not really. Is it affordable/possible? Yes it is.
What does it take to get that?

1.- concentration
2.- memory
3.- personal skills
4.- plus the one hundred times mentioned earlier. Good wind and water conditions, good kite equipment for beginners and good teaching method.



Beginners kite course in Mallorca
We told Svenja that kitesurfing should take a bit more than a day of kite lessons, but she was so dedicated, committed and happy about her lessons she got up on the board and riding in just 3 hours, which normally take minimum 2 to 3 days to learn.

best months for learning kitesurfing in mallorca june july and august


Kiteschool for girls in Mallorca
Sofie joined the kite club  Asociación Aprende a Navegar and had included the first 3 hours of kite lessons in her membership fee.
She developed very well in the early stages of her training and in the third hour of her kite lessons, she started with her first waterstarts without any hassle.

Sofie 3 hours kite course learn in Mallorca with mallorca kiteschool


Is it possible to learn kitesurfing in 3 hours in Mallorca
What would be the correct answer to this question? Can someone learn kitesurfing in a few hours, or, as I’ve heard so many times, learn kitesurfing can take forever?
What can be said? Some people find it harder to learn kitesurfing, some do not. The guy we talk about in this blog entry had it really easy. After 3 hours of kite lessons, Niels started her first kitesurfing rides.

kite lessons wind in Mallorca Niels srtarting from 0 in 3 hours kitesurfing fluently


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